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The lady Iris is was the messenger of Hera, queen of Olympus. Speaking with those of Tartarus is not out of the ordinary in iris' experience.


Iris just stares at the ceiling. No sleeping needed, there is nothing else to do.




"Sister Arke, do not do this."

Why not? You are doing nothing. Again.
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Charles is many, many things. But a liar he isn't. (At least not to Iris, which is her frame of reference at the moment.)

It might be easier than in another form - Charles showed Iris, instead of describing in words. It's silent, and very loud, and Iris stands up with a Not now and walks out of her own room in Milliways to go -- anywhere else.
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Reading is not a thing of which Iris tires. Things that require electricity are, on the whole, entirely useless in her opinion. Not so much useless, she supposes - more like unnecessary.

This is why Iris likes the room that she now keeps in Milliways. It has a few more modern eccentricities for Charles' sake - a modern tea kettle, for instance - but otherwise it would be perfectly homey for a mortal in Hellenic Greece.

Another modern mortal convenience is a queen bed on a wooden frame tucked in one corner, surrounded by sheer curtains. Behind these Iris is attempting to get into a novel she borrowed from the library.

Next EP.

Apr. 5th, 2013 09:38 pm
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Iris always liked Odysseus. It was difficult, long ago, to remain silent during Odysseus' trials to return home to his wife, but he always succeeded. Forever succeeded.

His endeavors after returning home have been somewhat less fruitful.

Above all things Odysseus, now that Telemachus is born unto him, wants to avoid going to war. Palamedes defeats his feigning of madness in his usual cutthroat way. Iris detests it; the lord Ares compliments the man's cunning.

Iris takes flight once she is dismissed from service for the time being --

-- and ends up somewhere she wasn't expecting.
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"Yes, my lady Athena?"

Prepare to inform Hera Hyperkheiria that there is war in Troy.

Milliways, a welcome respite in times such as these, is no longer open to Iris. And with the war, all eyes of the heavens and earth are focused on Troy.

Oh Charles, Iris thinks. Be you safe in your time, and I in mine.
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Flying is a gift form the gods, but is aided by the anemoi. Iris counts herself lucky to be on good terms with all of them - Zephyr in particular.

"My friend the chrysopteron comes to visit me!" Zephyr cries. Iris smiles despite herself when she takes flight, a rush of vibrant blue underneath her wing. "How fare your travels? Tell me everything!"

Away from the Twelve to not be immediately overheard, Iris returns, "You already know all, friend sweet-wind." And adds nothing more.

"Does the messenger of Hera Panhellenios have nothing to tell such a compatriot?"

"I apologize. I am simply distracted."
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Iris nearly beats down the door to the bar as she returns to Milliways, the color of her skin nearly sickly-pale and hair darkened with her frustration and anger.

Anger. Iris, goddess of color and light and rainbows, is angry.

She almost runs to the door towards the lake, throws it open, and immediately takes flight. No paths of light trail behind her.
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It is fairly late. Iris knows this. She can see it in the way that Charles' eyes stay more closed than open as they talk about nothing in particular in his bedroom in Oxford. He is trying to stay up for her and that's not going to work - Go to sleep, Charles. I will be here when you wake.

But goddesses don't sleep, and this one is thinking over the events of the day. She lingers on the researchers from the library, and how much Charles could have looked up - like she did with her attempts at Mendel.

I should ask in the morning, she reminds herself absently. Or if there had been anything of note, would he not have already asked?


Apr. 25th, 2012 08:16 pm
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After finding her way to Milliways again, Iris finally learned about the rooms upstairs.

And there is a library!

A copy of Aesop's Fables gets produced for Iris, and is read several times over with great interest and confusion (at times), before really thinking about the opportunities.

"...Where could I find a scroll on...genetics?"

The book provided by the library engrosses Iris for quite some time - she gives up the attention required to hide her wings from view after the first hour.
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When Hera's tasks lead Iris to Corinth, she continues to follow her duty through to completion.

But after is when she conceals her wings, taking to walk as mortals do through the grand city and towards the Akrokorinthos. She takes the time to follow the pilgrim's path towards the entrance. She places the right amount of coins in the right hands.

"I have come to speak to the Theai Arkhaiai, soothsayer," Iris explains to the old woman at the gate to the interior temple, who never manages to meet Iris' gaze. Not a perjurer, Iris thinks admiringly. A true temple.

"Of course, lady Aellôpos."

Inside the sanctuary, Iris turns away from the piles of offerings the others who have come here left for the Moirae - spindles, honey and water.

"You have come here."

"You should be elsewhere."
Iris has been told time and again to not look for the Fates unless they decide to show themselves. In a temple to them, the proper etiquette is to simply wait. Wait for your time.

But she has to ask.

"You told me I would go somewhere new. Someplace unheard of to me before. I have, and I would like to go back."

"We will not reveal your thread to you."

"Of course not. I would never be so foolish as to expect such things."

"But the messenger seeks a message of her own. You have never desired so before."

A hesitation there. There will be no lying here. "I believe Eros has his own influences."
"A mortal, Iris?"

"He is more than this." Almost a snap. Almost too much.

"You will go there again. To the End and the Beginning. How and when will be of your own devising."

Iris breathes again. "Thank you, Klothes. I am grateful for your guidance."

"He will require you to make choices."

"I understand."
"No you don't."


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